Mappings by Queeraspora & Queer narratives, mapped (2020/2021)

15. May 2021 // Exhibition @ spedition 28-30. May 2021

Montage of three flyers for the threee different parts of the exhibition

From 28th to 30th of may, the Queerspora mappings will be part of an exhibition, together with Reflections by Brunn Morais and Queeraspora works, a presentation of different works, activities and projects of Queeraspora.

In this context the authors of the mentals maps show a spin-off of their personal maps. You can discover the digital map, and of course, there is the possibility to get the printed brochure.

Opening times:
Friday 28.5.2021 + Saturday 29.5.2021: 3 pm - 6 pm
Sunday 30.5.2021: 3pm - 8 pm

For reasons related to restrictions because of the corona pandemic, visits are scheduled with a limited number of participants. Registration is required. Please visit this Doodle to assign yourself to an available time slot.

8. April 2021 | Digital map release

Screenshot of the opening screen of the Queeraspora digital map

Hurray, the digital map 🗺️ of Queeraspora 💖, the queer Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPoC) group from Bremen, Germany is online.

This map is a work in process. Hopefully, the map will grow and accompany forthcoming activities of Queeraspora. Feel invited to browse, read, and watch.

Besides we are happy about feedback. Drop as a line at Thank you!

Screenshot of one entry to the Queeraspora digital map

10. March 2021 // Brochure release

Three brochures, stacked with the title Queeraspora collective mappings

Queeraspora is a place of safety ... мой уголок счастья и безопасности ... un lugar de empoderamento ... it's a family ... ein Ort wo ich sein kann, wer ich wirklich bin...

We are happy to announce the printed maps of Queeraspora 💖, the queer refugee (post-)migrant BIPoC initiative from Bremen (Instagram, Facebook).

The brochure has 8 subjective maps 🗺️, drawn and labeled by members of Queeraspora with their geographies of the city, with places of struggles, of self-empowerment, of socialising and of beeing connected, plus 5 fotopages, a collection of „Queeraspora is for me…“ by members of Queeraspora, a self introduction of Queeraspora and a preview of the forthcoming digital map.

The printed maps can be ordered via or via Instagram 📪

The brochure, opened, someone is flipping one page

22. February 2021 // Online presentation

Flyer with an invitation to the online presentation

"Queeraspora" and "Queer narratives, mapped" are looking forward to presenting the results of this project to you in an online chat on Monday, 22 February at 7 pm ⏰.

A link to our chat will be posted here a few hours before the chat. Please check back on Monday! 🥁

January 2021 // Work in progress

Since December, the queer refugee (post-)migrant BIPoC initiative „Queeraspora“ (Instagram, Facebook) and the „Queer narratives, mapped“ working group have been working in the collaborative project „Queeraspora Collective Mappings“ on a digital map and a printed brochure with mental maps drawn by members of „Queeraspora“ in a joint working session at the end of last year.

„Queeraspora“ and „Queer narratives, mapped“ are looking forward to presenting the results of this project to you in an online chat on Monday, 22 February at 7 pm.

„Queeraspora Collective Mappings“ is a collaboration by Queeraspora, the Queer narratives, mapped working group and city/data/explosion.

Queer narratives, mapped was initiated by city/data/explosion as an effort to think and work about the visibility of stories – past, presents and futures – of LGBTIQ+ in urban contexts by using and reflecting digital tools.

The project is hosted by kunst- und kulturverein spedition e.V., Bremen

Founded by Senator für Kultur, Freie Hansestadt Bremen, Queerkultur

If you want to support the work of Queeraspora, please consider a donation!

November 2020// Coming soon

Coming soon:

Queeraspora Collective Mappings

We are currently working on a set of maps 🗺️, created collectively with and for Queeraspora 💖.

Please, check back later for updates 🥁.

A project by Queeraspora (Instagram, Facebook), the Queer narratives, mapped - working group and city/data/explosion ⚙️.

Contact: 📪.

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