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About this map

Sparked by questions of visibility and perspectives of queer Black, Indigenous and People of Color and their geographies as individuals, this map 🗺️ of Queeraspora's activities is a work in process.

In 2020, Queeraspora, the queer refugee (post-)migrant BIPoC initiative in Bremen, has collaborated with the working group Queer narratives, mapped to create visibility and visible memories for the interventions, demonstrations, social events, and gatherings of the group.

By the release date of the map in April 2021 people can read, watch and listen to the group's activities through 38 entries all over Bremen and beyond. Hopefully, the map will grow and accompany forthcoming activities of Queeraspora. A printed map with this map as reference was published in February 2021 and is available through Queeraspora's social media contact or you can order via queeraspora-maps@klubraum.org 📪.

Queer narratives, mapped was initiated by city/data/explosion as an effort to think and work about the visibility of stories – past, presents and futures – of LGBTIQ+ in urban contexts by using and reflecting digital tools. The group works on questions of collaborative digital mappings and subjective storytelling, and on methods like remembering, imaging, archiving and „de-archiving".

From a 1st queer narratives, mapped workshop, a working group has emerged which organizes workshops, lectures, and regular meetings – in-person and online – depending on the current Covid-19 situation. During these meetings, the group has discussed with members of Queeraspora perspectives of intersectionality. From this confluence of narratives, members of Queeraspora proposed to provide visibility for the activities of the group by a collaborative mapping project.

The project is hosted by kunst- und kulturverein spedition, and it has been made possible by funding of the department of culture in Bremen.


The material (like text, flyer, pictures) avaliable on this map is provided by the Queeraspora archive.

The entries were created and edited by the project group Queeraspora Collective Mappings and members of Queeraspora.


This map is created by the project group Queeraspora ColIective Mappings, a collaboration by Queeraspora, the Queer narratives, mapped working group, and city/data/explosion.

Collaborating: Ali Naki Tutar, k z k z, Shyarlotte Marie Sophie Luise Frederike von Preussen (Shababo), Mona AK
Editing: Brunn Morais, Dafne Jaramillo, Kyan qui an, Nina Hälker, Thomas Böker, Ulf Treger
Design: Ulf Treger.
(Status April 2021)

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